About PJB

What is Le Petit Japon Breton?

A piece of Japan near Dinan

Le Petit Japon Breton is a micro farm.

It was created by yours truly, Adeline, in October 2020 but the first year was mostly devoted to setting up all the structures and cultures.

The goal of my small farm is the production of oyster mushrooms and japanese mushrooms as well as various vegetables with Japanese varieties.

I hope to be able to supply amateurs, with as short distribution channels as possible, with these products that I love.

I restrict myself to the use of natural and self-made products (black soap, plant purines…) or in the worst cases Bio certified products or ways.

It will be freely inspired by Biodynamics, agroforestry, living soil, permaculture …

As a result, some complementary productions of fruits, aromatic and medicinal plants, as well as old vegetables will complete the basket.

A small bamboo grove will be used both for the production of edible shoots and (in the long term!) Stubble / fibers etc …

And for more autonomy, a small miscanthus plantation will be used by the other workshops.

Even if I invest my savings in it, like all projects this one will need your interest of course but also financial support if you want and can. Any contribution when the time comes or even a simple encouragement or helping hand will be welcome!



Forêt de bambou
Bamboo grove, Kyoto, Japan